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Catalina Express, Is That Us?

 We like it when someone call us The Catalina Express.

They call us that because of our high speed trips to Catalina Island.

But really, we're the Catalina Flyer from Newport Beach.

The Catalina Flyer is a high speed, 600 passenger, catamaran ferry that provides daily service to Catalina Island from Newport Beach. We are the largest boat serving the island with three decks and table style seating.

The Catalina Flyer Schedule

Departs Newport Beach.....9:00 am
Arrives Catalina Island.....10:15 am
Departs Catalina Island......4:30 pm
Arrives Newport Beach.......5:45 pm
The Catalina Flyer Departs From
The Balboa Pavilion


Save Big Over The Catalina Express

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